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Contents of Christian Clip Art 7: Published in 2006
Amate, Annunciation, Ash Wed, Baptism of Jesus, Be glad, Belief in Him, Beyond reach, Blossom, Bouquet, Bread, Bread Word, Calm, Charity, Christ light, Covenant, Crown, Desert, Earth bud, Easter, Empty tomb, Fasting, Fasting 2, Fasting 3, Flower, Friendship, Fruit of the Spirit, Garden, Gentle night, Gift, Gifts, Guard me, High mountain, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit 2, Holy Spirit 3, Holy Woman, Hosanna, I am, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ 2, Kingdom seeds, Lamb and lion, Lay down life, Let us adore, Light of Jesus, Lily cross, Lion lamb, Love, Madonna, Mountains, Music, My blood, My body, My word, Offering, Offerings, Open door, Our future, Peace, Peace 2, Praise, Prayer, Quiet earth, Rejoice, Rend hearts, Road, Rosary, Rose, Rose bouquet, Roses, Running wave, Sacrifice, Seeds, Shining stars, Souls of the just, Spirit, Spirit 2, Springs, Star, Sunflower, The wise, Thirsty, Waters of peace, Whole heart, Wipe away, Your name.
Each image is presented in Tiff and Jpeg in color and black and white.

Price: $45.00 in U.S. funds

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